What an exciting time of year to visit Kingfisher. The Boreal Forest feels quiet as temperatures drop and animals bolster themselves against the weather. However, it only takes a moment to realize the forest is full of action. Fresh snow lets us read the stories of our forest friends as they travel about. Some animals use the snow layer as an insulating layer – the way we might use a winter jacket! If we look carefully we can notice the tunnels mice use as they scurry about under the snow blanket. Some of our forest friends use the winter season to have their offspring; It does seem less crowded in the winter forest. 

Enjoy a stop at one of our four bird feeders to see who is hungry. Students will experience a different travel experience (modelled after our forest friends); either snowshoeing or skiing. Kingfisher will provide all the equipment necessary for participation.

How to Dress

Just like the animals, be prepared to bundle up! Toques, mitts and snowpants are required. We suggest layers including long underwear (tights), an insulating layer (fleece, sweatpants/sweatshirts), and a wind layer (winter jacket, snow pants). We are happy to lend students the clothing they need to participate safely.

Winter Ski Day Sample Itinerary

Depart School for Kingfisher

Arrive at Kingfisher

(Walk 500m to Kingfisher site)

Equipment Sizing/Wax Skis


Ski Training/ Ski Trails


Depart Kingfisher 

(arrive at school for dismissal)

The Kingfisher experience helps strengthen the bonds between classmates and teachers. It also allows teachers an excellent opportunity to connect with their students in a non-traditional setting. It’s value is immeasurable! Oh ya, and the staff are pretty cool too:)

Kerry Stevens Grade 6/7 Teacher

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