The Kingfisher site includes a collection of classrooms and meeting areas, a kitchen building, sleeping cabins, and a washroom facility. There is a gravel driveway of approximately 500 m that leads to the facility. There is no road access to the sleeping cabins. Students and weekend users must carry their belongings a short distance to these cabins.

The camp is designed to accommodate school children attending day trips and residential programs. Consequently, the buildings and furnishings are rustic and simple. All buildings are electrically heated and have overhead lighting. There is an electrical outlet in each cabin. Washroom building and kitchen/science building are the only buildings with running water. Both the washroom and kitchen have designated drinking taps.

The Main Camp Area

The Main Camp area of Kingfisher can accommodate one class (approximately 30 students) in the overnight program. There are eight cabins; each with three bunk beds to sleep six people. The beds have mattresses but bedding is not provided. The cabins are not equipped with running water or washroom facilities. The washroom facilities are located in a nearby building and include flush toilets and running water. The Main Camp also has a classroom, a small kitchen building and fire shelter.

The Day Centre

The Day Centre is generally used by school groups for day programs and by overnight groups for evening activities. It is a large log cabin equipped with benches and two long lunch tables. It can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people.

Kitchen/Science Building

The kitchen/science building has two fridges, one stove, and one sink. There are tables and chairs to accommodate 30 people.


The washroom buildings have running water and flush toilets. There are two wheelchair accessible washrooms. There is a shower for emergencies if needed.


Kingfisher Lake is approximately two kilometers long by 500m wide, with a number of islands and bays. The gently sloping shoreline provides an excellent place for our students to participate in pond studies and canoeing activities. There is no swimming.

Washroom building

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