Welcome to your overnight Kingfisher trip. These trips are reserved for students in grade 6-8, and secondary students. Students will live in cabins as designated by their teacher. Students will have a chance to practice skills related to food preparation, cooking on a fire, and clean-up. The days will be filled with Kingfisher activities such as canoing, skiing, orienteering, and hiking or snowshoeing depending on the season. The evenings will be filled with teacher led activities. In our conversations with teachers and students, it is always the Kingfisher Overnight experience that is never forgotten. We look forward to hosting you.

Sample Overnight Schedule


  • Arrive/Welcome
  • Orientation to site
  • Expectations and safety
  • Skill training

Bag Lunch


  • Hike/snowshoe


Evening activity

When I look back at my favourite elementary school experience, my trip to Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre is the first thing that comes to mind! The survival game, cooking over an open flame, having to do chores, problem-solve with friends and figure out how to stay upright in a canoe are all things I experienced on my grade 7 adventure. The feeling of accomplishment from doing things that I never experienced before created a powerful sense of belonging and one that has never left me. Now as a teacher, I love allowing my students the opportunity to experience Kingfisher for themselves. From watching students try on cross-country skis for the very first time, to breaking fresh ground on a new snowshoe trail to the pure joy on a student’s face when a chickadee lands on their head at Chickadee Landing. These moments and many more are priceless. The quiet minutes spent around a campfire combined with the boisterous laughter and early morning wake-up calls make this a truly magical place. We are fortunate to have an amazing Kingfisher staff who expertly guide our journey from planning at our schools right through our three-day adventure. Kingfisher is a priceless experience!

Jamie Murdoch Grade 6 Teacher
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