Teachers – Day Trips

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Thank you for choosing to bring your class to Kingfisher!

Some important reminders:

Day Trip Details

The cost of a day trip is $7 per student.

  1. Transportation: Costs and booking arrangements for transportation are the responsibility of the school.
    North ward to Kingfisher: 30 minutes approx.
    South ward to Kingfisher: 40 minutes approx.
  2. Groups: Please divide your class into groups as requested by Kingfisher staff.
  3. Snack and Lunch: If you are having a cook-out, please have the food thawed, and the buns sliced. Don’t forget your condiments. A knife to cut open packages is useful. If you are bringing cans of juice crystals or hot chocolate make sure you have a can opener. We supply the hot or cold water in an urn and roasting sticks. The students should bring a non-disposable plastic cup with a handle. Nutritious snacks are encouraged; something small that will fit in a pocket.
    If you are having a bag lunch, encourage a healthy complete lunch, with juice and/or water to drink.
    Please note that there is NOT a microwave or hot water available for a bag lunch.
  4. Parent Volunteers: A desirable number of parent supervisors is 2 – 4 parents per class. Parents may expect to be an integral part of the Kingfisher visit, assisting with lunch and washroom supervision.

Classroom Resources

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