What to expect!

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Kingfisher. The Boreal forest has many lessons to teach as plants and animals prepare for the winter. Deciduous trees shed their leaves to conserve water, Wabooze (snow-shoe hares) begin to change colour, and many birds prepare for migration. Together we will explore the Boreal Forest through hiking and nature studies. Expect to get your hands dirty! We may dig holes to study the soil, feel the soggy moss floor, and notice the texture of tree bark. Hopefully we can see our friend the Red Squirrel storing food for winter! Temperatures are different from town; the mornings are cool, and afternoons can be hot. Warm clothes and sunscreen are both needed!

How to Dress

All fall trips require adequate warm clothing, in layers that can be removed as the day warms up. Rain coats and boots are great if the weather looks wet. Winter boots are preferable in the late Fall. Students should bring a day pack for their own belongings. Bring a sun-hat, and apply sunscreen before arriving. Closed toed shoes are a must (no sandals)!

Day Trip Sample Itinerary

Depart School for Kingfisher

Arrive at Kingfisher

(Walk 500m to Kingfisher site)

Nature Hike (1-2 hrs)


Afternoon Program (1-2 hrs)


Depart Kingfisher 

(arrive at school for dismissal)

We at Lakehead Public Schools are SO incredibly lucky to have this amazing outdoor education centre for our students, staff and families! As an LPS student, then teacher, then parent, and now Principal, I have had the opportunity to visit Kingfisher many times, in many roles. Every time I am there, I see students who are incredibly engaged in experiential learning, creating life-long memories and an increased appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Shannon Jessiman-MacArthur Principal

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