“Welcome back,” the forest seems to shout in spring. Notice the vibrant greens as leaves and shoots begin a new growing season in the Boreal Forest. Spring is a time for appreciating the circle of life as babies are born, animals return from migration, and many animals are waking-up. Insects resume their busy life-cycle, and green plants get busy making our lives sweeter. Black-flies are busy pollinating plants, and mosquitoes are feeding the frogs! Kingfisher staff will provide students/visitors with a bug hat to help all species enjoy the day. 

Be prepared to be outside all day! Rainy, or shine we will be getting our hands dirty as we explore the  the forest floor, puddles, and trees. 

How to Dress

Long-pants, and long-shirts are best. Light colours help to detract mosquitoes and black-flies. We don’t recommend shorts. Dress in layers that can be removed as the day warms up. Rain-coats and boots are great if the weather looks wet. Bring a sun-hat, and apply sunscreen and bug repellent before arriving. Closed toed shoes are a must (no sandals)! Students should bring a day pack for their own belongings.

Day Trip Sample Itinerary

Depart School for Kingfisher

Arrive at Kingfisher

(Walk 500m to Kingfisher site)

Nature Hike (1-2 hrs)


Afternoon Program (1-2 hrs)


Depart Kingfisher 

(arrive at school for dismissal)

Always enthusiastic! Extremely knowledgeable! I love how the teachers always appear to be learning with the students. They never give answers away, they always leave us thinking and asking more questions. Their questioning techniques are incredible! They are thought provoking, inquisitive, inspiring!

Grade 1 Teacher

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